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Our Story

At PLANTA, we see plants differently.

Led by Founder and CEO Steven Salm and Co-founder and Executive Chef David Lee, PLANTA was born in 2016 to expand the accessibility and acceptability of plant based dining; dining as it should be — an unguilty pleasure. Creating a premier hospitality collective of 100% plant-based restaurants, PLANTA reimagines, reinvents, and revitalizes, providing flavorful proof that the power of plants can change the world.


People are at the heart of PLANTA. Our employees, our suppliers, our customers, and our not-yet-customers. True sustainability to us means enabling and bettering life on Earth for every single person. We seek to make an individual impact in the lives of every person we touch, starting with our PLANTA team through thorough training and career development.


No matter which location you visit, or if you invite us into your home, PLANTA is your local spot. To us, a “local” approach means respecting, supporting, and advancing the places where we sprout. From hiring and sourcing locally to giving back through volunteer programs and driving local initiatives forward, we aim to always feel like a natural fit.


We believe in the power of plants to change the world. For our health, for the health of our communities, and for the health of our planet — plants are the key. In everything we do, we seek to understand, experiment with, and maximize the power of plants to nourish, inspire, and sustain. We strive to operate in a paperless and reduced-waste environment, eliminating paper cheques, printed materials, and one-time-use water bottles and coffee cups.

Whenever possible, our menus reflect seasonality and available local produce to reduce the impact of long-haul transport. In climates that allow for it, such as Miami, we operate a rooftop garden at the restaurant, which supplies many fresh fruits and vegetables used in our dishes.


Every PLANTA experience is a step toward a greener future. Our dedication to environmental sustainability is interwoven throughout every part of our business. From our sourcing to our restaurant design, our packaging to our partnerships, we seek to put more back into the world than we take. Additionally, we ensure all of our produce and supplies are delivered in reusable containers to reduce waste and our
to-go packaging is made from 100% compostable materials. PLANTA is for the planet.